MAY 3rd, 2018


Imagination AI

“There were 5 exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization and 2003, but that much information is now created every 2 days.”Eric Schmidt

Date: May 3rd, 2018
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, Room 209 & 210
Duration: 8 hours
Justification letter

Bootcamp Description
Everything we have learnt in software development is undergoing change. Thanks to the advent of AI and Machine Learning. Thousands of job go unfilled at various companies as they can’t find qualified engineers who know machine learning. TiE’s one day bootcamp will set you on the right path. This is one investment in your career you can’t afford to miss. Whether you are starting out or want to manage a team of machine learning experts, here is your chance to take just one day from your schedule and walk with real hands on experience with machine learning concepts. Most workshops of this magnitude cost in excess of $1500 but at TiE, our goal is not to make money off this. Our vision is to help members get educated to continue to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

What is machine learning? What kinds of problems can it solve? Experts from Stanford University, Industry leaders, Google Certified Data Engineers and Data Scientists will educate the attendees with history of AI evolution to the machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities on public cloud platforms. Through a combination of presentations, discussions, demos, and hands-on labs, participants will get an overview of the deep learning models, Open Source technologies, data processing, ML and AI capabilities. We will end with a recognition of the ease, flexibility, and power of machine learning. Do not worry if you are not deeply technical you will still get a lot out of the whole session as we backup every technical aspect with real life use cases.

After this workshop you will be able to work with Machine learning models and understand the ML journey. Additionally you will learning on creating a chatbot from scratch and deploy it on Google Cloud, Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger. We will walk you through Chatbot fundamentals, Natural Language Understanding basics, Intent Classification and how to create your custom classifiers using DialogFlow and Amazon Lex.

Additionally the participants can expect the following takeaways from bootcamp:

  1. Gain a broad perspective on machine learning and where it can be used
  2. Formulate a business use case for how it can be driven by machine learning
  3. Leverage Google Cloud Platform tools (Prebuilt ML models:Vision API,Natural Language Processing API,Prediction API,Translation API,etc.,) and environment (Cloud ML Engine,TensorFlow) to do machine learning

This bootcamp is intended for the following:

  1. Data Engineers and programmers interested in learning how to apply machine learning in practice
  2. Executive and mid executive level decision makers who are interested in learning how to leverage machine learning in their enterprise. Learn how to utilize actual use cases for ideas and learn about frameworks and challenges on implementing them

What to bring

1. Laptop for the hands-on labs
2. Photo ID for verification


Time Duration Sessions Speaker
8:00 AM Registration & Badging
8:45 AM 15 min Kickoff & Intro
9:00 AM 75 mins History of AI, Tensorflow Playground and More Ronjon Nag
10:15 AM 30 mins AI Open Source – Neural Networks, RNNs, LSTMs, Deep and Wide Network, DNNs Manju Devdas
10:45 AM 45 mins Cognitive Intelligence and Natural Langauage Processing with AI Vinayak Sathe
11:30 AM 30 min BOTs and Automation E.g. Facebook Example Sagar Golla
12:00 PM 60 Min Lunch
1:00 PM 60 min IBM PowerAI: Open-Source Enterprise AI Platform Sumit Gupta
2:00 PM 60 mins How To Select the Right Use Case For ML With A Potential ROI Karpagam Narayanan
3:00 PM 30 Min Break
3:30 PM 60 min Hands On ML Modeling, Data Preperation, Feature Engineering on GCP using Tensor Flow Salil Amonkar
4:30 PM 30 min Google Application of Machine Learning and AI Druva Sainath
5:00 PM 30 min Q&A All speakers

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