About TiEcon

TiEcon is TiE Silicon Valley’s annual flagship conference, attracting 7,000+ attendees. This includes budding and successful entrepreneurs, enterprise executives, government delegations, technologists and Working professionals. Through multiple tracks and programs, the conference focuses on today’s trending technologies and domains, while providing a great networking platform.

[7000+] Attendees

[200+] Speakers

[1000+] Industry Leaders

[60+] Countries


Grand Keynotes

Nominate a speaker to be part of our impressive marquee line-up. Past Keynotes include Larry Page, Eric Schmidt (Google), Marissa Mayer (Yahoo), Elon Musk (Tesla & SpaceX), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) John Chambers (Cisco).

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Startup Bootcamps

A Bootcamp designed to prepare you to fine-tune your business plan and get investor-ready.

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VC Connect

A popular program where entrepreneurs get an opportunity to receive direct feedback from seasoned VCs.

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Mentor Connect

A flagship program where a structured environment for Mentorship is provided.

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TiE 50 Awards

A premier annual awards program keenly contested by thousands of early to mid-stage startups worldwide.

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An excellent opportunity for enterprises to showcase your thought leadership,broaden ecosystem, and connect with the target audience.

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An opportunity to showcase your product and expand your reach to a variety of audiences including enterprises, professionals, investors, and large tech media outlets.

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Keynotes and Panel Discussion

Key tracks include Cyber Security, AI, Cloud, HealthTech,Global Connect, and Entrepreneurship. Myriads of keynotes and panel discussions by diverse tech luminaries and thought leaders.

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Bonny Simi
JetBlue Technology...
Marissa Mayer
Meg Whitman
Satya Nadella
Lisa Lambert
CT & CIO / Founder...
National Grid Partners
Shellye Archambeau
Fortune 500 board...
MetricStream, Advisor...
Eric S. Yuan
Elon Musk
Larry Ellison

“For startups in India, I want to thank TiE for its valued suggestions, for creating a more supportive environment for startups. I know you will succeed on the strength of your genius and enterprise, but when you need a helping hand, or when you find hurdles in your way, we will be there for you.”

Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India

“Building a company from startup to global business is both exciting and challenging. The skill-sets required to launch are vastly different than the skill-sets required to run a large, complex organization, requiring continuous learning. TiE is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs regardless of where they are on the journey.”

Sanjay Mehrotra
CEO, Micron

“On my book tour of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) in California, I spoke with 4,000 Indian entrepreneurs and engineers. It was the most exciting day I had on my tour…[to see] thousands of Indian entrepreneurs dominating Silicon Valley. It’s amazing what has happened. What India has done for Silicon Valley is unbelievable.”

Jack Welch
Former CEO, GE

“TiE provides an extremely valuable platform to accelerate the journey of an entrepreneur. TiE brings the startup ecosystem together and this can give the entrepreneur what they need to accelerate their journey from vision to company launch.”

Diane Greene
Former VP Google’s Cloud Businesses

“It was an honor for CoreStack to have won the TiE50 award in 2019. TiE50 was a great forum and opportunity for budding and fast-growing companies like CoreStack to get validation, showcase the offering, and gain GTM visibility to accelerate the growth momentum.”

TiE 50 Winner,
EZ Natarajan
Founder & CEO, CoreStack